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Configuring Ayttm

Ayttm offers a lot of choices when it comes to customizability, as is common with Linux applications in general. We look at all the configuration options that are present in the GUI and what they mean.

General Configuration

General Configuration options for Ayttm can be accessed by doing Tools > Preferences under the General tab. This tab contains options that apply to Ayttm as a whole and not some specific part or functionality. The options you get here are:

General Preferences

Configuring Modules

Most of the funtionality of Ayttm comes from modules. Each module performs a specific function and several modules get together to make Ayttm work like it does. Almost every module comes with its own set of preferences. There are two types of modules in Ayttm:

  1. Services: Services allow you to connect to and chat with people using a variety of messaging protocols
  2. Utilities: Utilities provide additional capability to Ayttm like rainbow colored messages or smiley themes, that generally apply to all services

Configuring Services

Go to Tools > Preferences > Services and click on the service you want to configure. For example, clicking on Yahoo gives a screen like the one below.

Module Preferences

Here is a list of services in Ayttm and a description of their options:






Configuring Utilities

Go to Tools > Preferences > Utilities and click on the utility you want to configure.

Here is a list of utilites in Ayttm and a description of their options (utilities without preferences omitted):



Keep notes on contacts


Configuring Sounds and Encoding

Ayttm comes with the full complement of fancy sound effects that are so characteristic of Instant Messaging Clients. It also has a wide array of options to make a nice sonic experience while you are online (yeah, kidding). To access the Sound preferences, go to Tools > Preferences > Sound

Sound Preferences

The options in the Sound screen are:

The Files sub-head lists the paths to the sound files that Ayttm can play for various events. It also has a Relative Volume slider with a maximum decibel (dB) value of 0. This means that you can lower the volume of Ayttm sounds relative to your system sound (PCM).

Encoding allows you to have Ayttm transform the encoding method of incoming and outgoing messages. Go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Encoding and check the option Use recoding in conversations. Specify the Local encoding (the encoding that you use) and the Remote encoding (the encoding that you want to send your messages in), in their respective fields. Now whenever you send a message, it will go out in the character-set specified in the Remote encoding field and all the messages you recieve will be converted to the character-set you specified in the local encoding field.

User Manual - | Contents | 1. Getting Online | 2. Chatting | 3. Managing Contacts | 4. Configuration | 5. Advanced |

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