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Smiley themes available for ayttm


Smiley themes need to be untarred into ayttm's smileys directory. This may be /usr/share/ayttm/smileys or /usr/local/share/ayttm/smileys. The new themes will be loaded when ayttm next starts. If ayttm is already running, simply reload the Smiley Themer module from the prefs window to have the new themes loaded.

You may use these themes as examples to create your own smiley themes for ayttm.

Smiley themes only work from ayttm version 0.3.1 and up, multiprotocol themes work from 0.3.3 and up.

  Name Description Version Author
[console] Console Smileys Bare minimum smiley theme for those who prefer the console 1.2 Philip S Tellis
[default] Default Protocol Smileys Smileys used in the official Clients 1.2
[giles] Giles Smileys An alternate smiley theme by Giles Hamlin 1.2 Giles Hamlin
[puddles] Puddles Smileys Smileys based on Puddles - the mascot of Malhar 1.2 Philip S Tellis

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